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Courses & Reading Clubs

Topics in Biomedical Ethics

Medical practice and scientific research in the biomedical sciences are at their core human activities governed by reason. The desire to uncover mechanisms and develop approaches to improve human health must be accompanied by universal moral principles governed by human reason. One of the most obvious contributions of Philosophy to the natural sciences today is found in the application of ethical thinking. Found in guidelines for responsible conduct in research, the design of clinical trials or everyday medical practice, ethical principles are meant to protect vulnerable individuals and to promote harmony between scientific goals and the human person.

BIOL496 Independent Study (1 credit) Spring 2024 |  Syllabus

St. John Fisher University


Reading club

During the Fall semester (2023) we will read Crime and Punishment, by Dostoevsky and will meet once a week for discussion. All students are welcome and provided with a copy of the book.  The discussion will be facilitated by Mr. Dan Berryment, Agathon Fellow.

St. John Fisher University.

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