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High School Summer Program 2024

June 17-20

St. John Fisher University | School of Business

Human Work, Meaning, and the Good Life 

Program Leader: Jamie Boulding, PhD

Associate Director of Programs and Development at the Witherspoon Institute, Princeton.


Today, many people derive their meaning in life from work—at school, college, or professional settings. This program will explore a number of foundational philosophical questions related to work, meaning, and the good life that often go unexamined. What is work? Why do we work, and what place does it have in the good life? How does it relate to human nature and purpose? To examine these questions, we will discuss classical and contemporary readings from Plato, Aristotle and Aquinas to Josef Pieper, Hannah Arendt, and Pope John Paul II 

"The program was very enjoyable, especially  the Socratic Seminars"
2023 Summer Program student

Program Logistics

High School students (including graduating 8th and 12th graders) are invited to register for this 4-day program taking place Monday thru Thursday, from 9am to 1pm (lunch included). The program consists of lectures, discussions and socratic seminars in a serious but friendly environment. Short readings are provided before discussion and there are opportunities for interaction and getting to know other students. The cost of the program is $200, due the first day of the program (scholarships are available). Dress code is business casual. Students receive a certificate upon program completion.



Jamie Boulding, PhD  |  Witherspoon Institute

Matthew Kuhner, PhD  | St. Bernard's School of Theology

Machessa Samz, PhD  |  Nazareth University

Alexander Montes, PhD  |  University of Rochester

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